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Custom Code / Development

Targeting your Exact Business Needs and Writing Solutions that Deliver Results

Over the course of 10+ years, McKula Inc has provided solutions for many small and large companies. No job is too big or too small for our development team.

Our team has expertise in web, desktop, and mobile applications. Our developers are experts in a broad range of Microsoft technologies such as the .Net Framework,, C#, VB.NET, XML, SQL, Javascript, Windows Forms, Windows Services, SharePoint, and much more. McKula Inc is located in South Western Pennsylvania just 40 miles south east of Pittsburgh.

We proudly serve the businesses in our community as well as many customers around the world.

Let us know if a custom built solution can help you solve a business need.

.NET Development Experience

McKula Inc offers a broad range of solutions to meet your needs. Our consultants can walk your team through the product life-cycle from start to finish. We specialize in cloud solutions as well as self-hosted solutions. Some of the many solutions we provide include application integration (including ERP systems), customer portals, supplier portals, business intelligence, data analytics, B2B sites, and B2C sites. These are just a few examples of the many ways we can help your project succeed. Our broad array of experience across many industries will help bring new ideas to your projects. While we can offer our experience, ideas, and suggestions, the software remains yours and you always have the final say over how it works.

Tailored Solutions for Specific Business Problems

The total cost of a custom application is competitive with pre-packaged software when accounting for training, implementation, and license fees. Custom applications also offer many advantages over pre-packaged software. A custom application will adapt to your business processes instead of adapting your business processes to the software. Providing you with a tailored solution will give you a competitive edge, keep your business up-to-date, and help control costs by eliminating recurring license fees all while creating efficiency by including only the features you need that are customized to your practices.

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