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Take a look at some of our live works.

Incident Tracker

incident tracker Incident Tracker started as a project for the University of Pittsburgh that quickly grew into a custom created ASP.NET enterprise application (visit the website here)

Incident Tracker was 100% internally created by the programers at McKula Inc. The application is McKula Inc's intellectual property, is used in over 10 countries world wide, logs over 1,000 Incidetn Reports daily and is a perfect example of the capabilities of our programming, design and support team.
The program is available both cloud hosted (which we manage ourselves) or as a stand alone deployment. The program is written using Microsoft Common run-time langauges, using the ASP.NET version 4.5 framework. The database engine uses various versions of Microsoft SQL Server and extensively utilizes various scripting, jquery and modern CSS techniqiues.

Clan Wars

clanwars Clanwars is an online website that stores and collects data on site users who engage in online competitve video game play. Hired by Electronic Arts, mcKula Inc completed priniciple work on the site in 2003. Since then various new iterations of the site have been completed. The sites boasts over 100,000 active users and stores over 1 million game results.

Written entirely by the team at McKula Inc. Once again the project showcases our capabilities in the areas of programming, design and scalability.

Electro Glass

electro glass Electro Glass is a global organization who supplies glass inserts for customers all over the world. When they contacted us they wanted a comprehensive overhaul to their sales process. The ownsership needed a tighter process to tie inventory to sales to shipping to invoicing and all parts inbetween.

The team at mcKula Inc wrote them a custom application that solved all of their logistics problems.


jsfirm JSFirm is global aviation job matching agency who approached us to help update the technology that drives their ecommerce site. They brought a substantial challenge to us in that they were working with very old technology but had a very large user base. They needed upgraded, they needed it to go smoothly with no down time. The task was very challenging. McKula Inc. delivered.

Not only did we convert all of their old data to a modern database engine, with upgraded the technology that drives their site from old procedural language to a modern object oriented approach. While we did this we also delivered a buffet of new/modern functionality upgrades (such as the ability to tie new user accounts with their linked in account) for a more user friendly experience. Their user base has increased dramatically and their feedback has been overwhelming.

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